Tagged “planning”

  • Tail Shipped

    Counting down...

  • Wing Stand

    The workshop is starting to come together...

  • Kit Ordered!

    Now the waiting begins...

  • Sling Dealer Visit

    The NZ distributor for Sling is located in Palmerston North, so after a couple of months of email correspondence, I was able to take the C-152 over from NZNP to NZPM to visit.

  • DRDT-2

    I've been watching a few build videos recently, and it's become clear there is a significant amount of dimpling for flush rivets even in the quickbuild kit.

  • Kit Decisions

    Even after you have chosen the right plane for your mission, the number of configurations available is essentially unlimited.

  • Build Log Software

    It's probably worth briefly mentioning a build log solution.

  • EAA Workbenches

    Great planes need great tooling...

  • Introduction

    I'm Ryan, a private pilot based in New Plymouth, New Zealand.